Mist and Whispers by C.M. Lucas – Blog Tour

Mist and Whispers – Blog Tour

By C.M. Lucas


Synopsis: Imagine a world in eternal darkness. A world where skeletal beasts lurk in the forest. Where the women are missing, and the men are in need of salvation…

In the West-English town of Little Wolf Green, Scott’s bookshop is about to close down. Convinced the bookshop holds the key to her mother’s identity, sixteen year old Anya Piddling vows to save Scott’s, whatever the cost.
When four books of magic and myth take the world by storm, Anya begins a journey to discover the truth about the author, known only as the Weaver. Followed closely by her friends, and one surly, bitter ex-boyfriend, Anya soon realises a whole new world awaits: a world gone very wrong, with maddening whispers in the forest, magical winged Kings and a dragon-boy that understands her, inside and out. But this world needs a saviour… and everyone is looking at her.




HIS HEART THRASHED against his chest, a prisoner desperate to be freed from this burden. There was no way out. He had a job to do, and if it wasn’t done at that moment, his entire plan would be over before it even began.
The earth was but sludge, encasing his feet as he struggled up the bank. Bullets of rain struck his face as the winds lashed around him, obscuring his view and leaving him helpless in the dark.
Then, as if a divine hand was guiding the way, a flash of lightning revealed his final destination; Erimus Hall. The Hall was only another hundred meters away, run down and deserted, but his sanctuary nonetheless.
Resisting the temptation to rest against the stone wall at the top of the bank, he pushed on, clambering across it with the rain-soaked trunk in his hands. Once over and sure of his feet, he took a moment to look around. Any sign of someone following and he’d have to revert to his back up location, as even with his goal in sight, he wouldn’t allow himself the risk of assuming he was home safe.
A clap of thunder quickened his pace and a minute later he’d reached the doorway, where a century’s worth of ivy had claimed the oak as its own. He set on it straight away, teasing back the creeper with a gentle hand, the whole time fighting against the instincts that were screaming inside his head.
Just tear it down – you’re going too slow – someone’s going to see you!
No. He couldn’t leave a sign that he’d been there. It had to look natural.
Two more bursts of lightning gave him a glimpse of what he needed to allow his unmarked entry into the building. With the trunk safely inside he took one more look around, and with another strike of lightning, he was gone.

My Review: When I received the email from Jen of Happy Little Book Nook about this blog tour, I was overjoyed. I’m such of fan of BenjaminOfTomes’ youtube channel, and I can’t remember which video it was, but he discussed this book and said it was somewhat like Outlander, and filled with magic. Of course anything describe as Outlanderish and filled with magic will catch my attention.

            I feel that the author tried very hard to incorporate everything, love, romance, magic, dragons, and more, and it was a little overwhelming at times. One other main comment I had was that I found Anya quite annoying at times. Overall, I quite enjoyed Mist and Whispers, and I’m very glad that I was asked to join this tour. I give Mist and Whispers four out of five stars for the interesting plot, and the feeling of too many things being crammed into one story at times.

To purchase Mist and Whispers:
Book Depository: http://goo.gl/SdMsiJ
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If you purchase a copy of Mist & Whispers you will be entered to win 1 of 10 special edition proof copies of the sequel. 

Rules to Enter: Send proof of purchase to: oftomes@oftomes.com
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Claire Marie Lucas lives in South-East England with her husband and three children. She began writing stories from inside her wardrobe at the tender age of six and hasn’t stopped writing in obscure places since; her current favourite being the cupboard beneath her stairs.

Mist & Whispers is her debut novel.

Official Website : www.cmlucas.com 

General Information:
Name: Mist & Whispers 

Author: C.M. Lucas
Series: The Weaver’s Riddle 
Published: April 5th 2016 by Oftomes Publishing
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 521
Format: Kindle Edition
Source: Publisher


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