One True Pairing by Cathy Yardley Book Review



            They couldn’t be more opposite, the Hollywood actor and the hometown girl, but all they need is a little convention magic to become the perfect ship in Cathy Yardley’s One True Pairing.

Jake Reese needs a decoy girlfriend. Fast. The lead actor of the popular TV show, Mystics, is tired of losing his shirt to overeager fans. Literally. Which is why a chance meeting with gothabilly bookworm-slash-barista Hailey Frost seems almost too perfect to be true. Hailey is not impressed with his TV fame and is desperate to save her family’s bookstore. It’s a match made in Hollywood, but as the two pretend to date, fan fiction becomes reality. Can this OTP become canon?

My Review:

            I am a huge sucker for cliche romances as well as a huge sucker for stories involving geek girls, so this book was basically my kryptonite. Cathy Yardley does a fantastic job coming up with relatable characters with interesting story lines, while not leaning on the classic cliches.

            Throughout the entire story, I found myself loving all of the characters. Hailey, the main female protagonist, is a strong heroine that truly needs no man, but manages to snag the heart of one Jake Reese. Now Jake, he’s a sweetheart; he’s just trying to work his hardest to make sure he stays on the show he loves. I thought that Hailey’s sisters and Jake’s cast mates actually added something to the story, and I found their little storylines very interesting–especially Cressida’s. All in all, I found a majority of the characters fun and easy to understand.

            The main premise of the story is these two people fake dating to save a famous guy’s career and a normal girl’s shop. It’s a very cliche plot that has been done before, but nevertheless I found it enjoyable. Of course there was a little bit of insta love in One True Pairing, but that was to be expected, and it didn’t really bother me. I found the entire story engaging apart from this random stalker but that I thought was wildly unnecessary, and just a bit extra. It took away from the rest of the story, and I think the author could’ve found a better way to add in conflict.

            All in all I give One True Pairing by Cathy Yardley four out of five stars for the lovable characters and interesting plot, as well as the random story lines that interject the main plot and take away from the story overall. I suggest this book to anyone looking for a cute, geeky romance who isn’t opposed to instalove. I received an ARC of this book off of Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.





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Author Bio

Cathy Yardley is the author of the Fandom Hearts series, starting with Level Up, and needs to get out more. When not writing, she’s usually lurking on social media, playing Fallout 4, or watching D-list movies and adding to her unnatural mental store of character-actor trivia. She’s a fangirl of Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, LOTR, and too many others to name. She lives with her family in Seattle. They are considering performing an intervention for her addiction to pop culture.

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